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Sought job: art direction, graphic design and illustration are my professional skills, I am fluent in English and proficient in French, I also speak fluently some slavic languages, such as Slovenian, Croatian and Serbian. I have organization skills and ability to be a team worker and team leader.

Extrait du cv

Education 2002 / 2006
Academy of Fine Arts & Design,

Working Experience

Agency Imelda Ogilvy Slovenia 2005
clients :
Mladina - Slovenian Weekly
Magazine, Slovenian
Entropology Museum,
Ministry of Education,
Youth Puppet Center,
Stilus - Garment Store,
Atlantis Water Park

Arnoldvuga Design Studio Slovenia 2005
clients :
AvenijaFashion Store,
Triglav - Insurance,
National Volleyball Team,

Futro Design Studio Slovenia 2005 / 2006
clients :
Modna Jana ...

Extrait de la lettre d'accompagnement

Dear Sir / Madam,
I am a freelance graphic designer, illustrator and art director, I graduated with honors from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design.
I have 6 years of working experience, from working for various studios to being an art director at several successful and large advertising agencies in Slovenia, I have also worked for a french fashion brand Plein Sud in Paris for three seasons. As a freelancer I worked for several clients worldwide, including Zara.
I am versatile, reli...